Financial Report

Letter of Transmittal
Organizational Data
Enrollment Data

A - Balance Sheet
B - Statement of Changes in Fund Balances
C - Statement of Current Funds Revenues and Expenditures

Notes to the Financial Statements

A-1 Schedule of Cash and Temporary Investments
A-2 Schedule of Investments by Fund Group
A-4 Schedule of Agency Funds
B-2 Schedule of Designated Funds
B-3 Schedule of Auxiliary Enterprises
B-4 Schedule of Restricted Current Funds
B-5 Schedule of Loan Funds
B-6 Schedule of Endowment and Similar Funds
B-8 Schedule of Unexpended Plant Funds
B-9 Schedule of Funds for Renewals and Replacements
B-10 Schedule of Funds for the Retirement of Indebtedness
    Bond Descriptions and Maturity Schedules:
B-10a - Consolidated University Revenue Refunding & Improvement Bonds - Capital Appreciation Bonds, Series 1985
B-10b - Consolidated University Revenue Bonds, 1994
B-10c - Consolidated University Revenue Bonds, 1996
B-10d - Consolidated University Revenue Refunding Bonds, 1997
B-10e - Revenue Financing System Bonds, 1997
B-10f - Revenue Financing System Bonds, 1999
B-11 Schedule of Investment in Plant
B-13 Schedule of Transfers
C-1 Schedule of Current Funds Revenues
C-2 Schedule of Current Funds Expenditures by Object
D-1 Schedule of Bonds Payable and Debt Service Requirements
D-2a Schedule of Analysis of Funds Available for Debt Service for Revenue Bonds Outstanding
D-3 Schedule of Defeased Bonds Outstanding
D-4 Schedule of Higher Education Assistance Funds
D-5 Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards
D-7 Appropriation Item Transfers
D-8 HUB Strategic Plan Progress Report
D-9 Professional, Consulting Fees and Legal Service Fees

Article IX Supplementary Schedules
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